Games of Glory Review


Think of Smite, then change it to Sci-Fi, then add cool meta game functionality with galaxy-wide gameplay and you’ve got yourself Games of Glory.

You start out as a clone fighting for your faction and your wins and losses within the game will affect the larger meta game. Which is something we think will be really cool.

Innovations like the elimination of auto-attacks with weapons, new types of mechanics like “white damage”, faster movement, and more put the player in the midst of a frenetic battle environment.

Clones have similar functions to those in classes traditional in existing MOBAs:  Tank, Carry, Scout, Assassin, Support. Weapons for close combat as well as lasers and rocket launchers give the opportunity to vary the way each Clone is played from match to match. In the middle of a fight the player has the ability to change weapons and surprise his opponents.

Each Clone has numerous exchangeable pieces of equipment which change its appearance, so the player can create a unique style. Through different types of uniforms, team specific skins, and many other alternatives the player can create his own original Clone.





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