BaconCape to Expand in to UK eSports


BaconCape, the former general gaming website, is moving in to a new niche. We will now be covering general UK eSports news.

The new website layout is a work in progress with a new match ticker being coded as you read this, as well as a totally new forum section being introduced last week. We also have a reworking of the user login, user area and totally new pages being added for UK eSports teams which will include stats and LAN snaps!

Website owner and founder of BaconCape, Adam Stevens has the following to say: “I’m really looking forward to the new direction we have chosen to pursue. We’ve had a great response from the community and both the community and I feel like this type of website is needed if the UK eSports scene is to grow. We will be looking to emulate fragbite and the Cadred of old.”

New content will commence from today and we will be covering UK team changes, UK online tournaments, UK LAN events and major international events that UK teams will be affiliated with.

For all the ‘what now’ about UK eSports make sure you join BaconCape and become part of the community today. Registration is quick and free. Also remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be sure you get the latest UK eSports gossip as quickly as possible.




Adam is the owner of BC-GB, find him on Twitter. BC-GB is the place to get CSGO tips, news and blog.

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