Ridiculous Video Game Logic


Video games don’t always adhere to even the most loose rules of physics or logic. We have compiled a list of places where video game logic, as it is called, will be used.

Grand Theft Auto


In GTA you can do many different things around the cops that would normally raise suspicion but do not in this game. Such as casually walking down the street with a bazooka. The cop simply chooses to ignore it.

gta hotdog

Hot dog salesmen are also as nonchalant about death or heavy weapons. If you have just gone on a small killing spree hot dog salesmen will still sell you a hot dog even though you’ve just killed 15 people, you must be hungry!

Call of Duty


I’ve always wondered what the huge red blotches on your hud are when you get shot. Apparently, it’s blood gushing out of your eyes and then your eyes regenerating. I just wish i could take 5 AK-47 bullets to the chest, hide in a corner for 5 seconds and then be completely healed!


Equipping an RPG weapon is also dubious logically. Aiming with a RPG, pointless yet incredibly funny if you look at it from a third person view.


The soldiers in Call of Duty are supposed to be top quality trained special ops guys. They can run for 15 seconds. That is ridiculous, I’m sure as a lazy slob I could run for at least 16 seconds with their armour on.


The most elite counter terrorism units, the force we rely upon to keep us safe from the ever prevalent threat of middle eastern freedom fighters, but they have to buy their own equipment?

Also they can’t even aim through their sights, surely this is #1 in the rulebook of using a firearm! One of the worst things about buying an expensive headset is having the ability to hear the abuse even clearer.



Luckily for Pokemon the target demographic was children. This enabled GameFreak to take some creative leeway when it comes to logic. Trees are incredibly difficult to go around, especially when you have powerful Pokemon that can fly, create tidal waves out of nothing as well as earthquakes.


Dieing or ‘fainting’ in Pokemon has also been a weird concept. A huge sea dragon will do a huge hyperbeam attack that will do 120hp damage and then a pidgey with 20hp would faint, not die.pokemonfainted

If I was given a Pokemon which was as powerful as Pokemon are supposed to be, I and my friends/childhood enemies would definitely not be alive today. However, Prof. Oak still thinks it’s a good idea!pokemonprofoak

 Fighting Games

In almost every fighting game which includes women characters high level armour is instantly more revealing or less actual armour and more accessories. It may look better but I highly doubt it gives a significant boost in protection.


Here are more video game logic images for your viewing pleasure:




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