Lets GO It’s Time for Change – How to Progress the UK Scene


As many players from inside and outside of the UK scene have mentioned the UK scene has been deteriorating ever since CSS. From players and teams quitting/folding and players ratting out teams for ‘better’ teams, the UK scene stands little to no chance in becoming top tier contenders.

However, this has all been said before and I don’t feel the problem lies with that, the main problem isn’t really a ‘problem’ as such is the fact that majority of people in the UK scene have lives to some sort of extent. The majority of top end UK players are 20+ and are either working full time or at university and they really invest as much time to play as many teams from the likes of Denmark, Sweden etc. The majority of them have played since 1.6 or very early source days and are getting complacent.

So that leaves one question, where are all these up and coming players/teams that all other scenes seem to have? The main thing you hear from the UK scene is ‘the top UK players don’t give anyone a chance’ ‘they only like to play with each other’ and these are great excuses but they simply don’t cut it anymore. You earn your chance, you go to LAN and you prove yourself, that’s how it works. I’ll use Jstar for example, slowly and gradually he has made his way to being one of the best aimers in the UK, in my opinion. He has put in the time and effort alongside consistently attending LANs, and he’s made a name for himself.

The upcoming UK players need to stop looking at the top of our scene as unachievable, unattainable and out of reach. Maybe this was the case a couple of years ago in CSS but CSGO is a relatively new game where you can easily get yourself out there and become a top player. Get 4 other upcoming players you trust and get along with and play together, learn how each other plays and improve together. Don’t aspire to play with the older generation of the scene, aspire to beat the older generation of the scene.

We caught up with some of the top players in the UK scene to have a chat about the current state of the UK scene.

Shaney – represented teams such as Dignitas, PowerGaming, VYE, eNigma, Eternity and XMG

Shaney, you were once considered the new era of Counter Strike in the UK, an upcoming player with the chance to make it big. My opinion is the UK scene is dominated by egotistical players which is having a major impact on the up and coming players. Do you think this is the case?

I believe that egos are an issue in the UK scene, but I’m not sure if it affected me as much as others. I just think people have/had a general disliking towards me, I was about 15 at the time so I was probably way over my head and thought I was better than what I was. The UK does have people that will play with people and help them progress, Jstar being an example of what the UK has, looking forward.

Do you feel that we have players in the UK that can genuinely contend in EU competitions? If yes, which players and why?

Right now no I don’t, but I don’t think we’re a million miles away from breaking the line from UK CS to EU CS. I think the next 12 months will be interesting for the UK. We are going through a bit of a resurgence now it seems, with BaconCape catering for solely the UK, GameFace League seemingly growing in popularity and ESL hosting these challenge cups. There’s certainly plenty to play for within the UK right now, just people need to right attitude and the desire to play for them. I also think it would be beneficial for the top UK teams to participate in GameFace League cups at least once a month, but obviously it’s not always possible as it cuts in to valuable pracc time.

Who do you feel are the so called ‘fresh blood’ of the UK scene and will be winning LAN events in the near future?

I can’t name who will be in an international LAN winning team because I don’t see the UK topping nations like Sweden. At least not yet. The Nordic countries just have such a massive pool of talent that I can’t think of a stable 5 players that can do it in the near future. I expect weber to still be in the mix and more players like Jstar.

The ultimate and last question, CSS or CS:GO?

CS:GO by a million miles

Sliggy – Represented teams such as {MTG} and Attica, also reaching the heights of PowerGaming, CrackClan, fm-toxic and Infused.

You’ve consistently performed at LAN in CS:GO for the teams/mixes you’ve attended with. Is there a reason you’re currently not playing for a top UK team?

The main reason for me personally is, I don’t enjoy how often most teams want to practice, I’m fine with literally 1 day a week and I feel that if you use the time wisely this is easily enough to compete with the top UK scene. I did the whole team thing back in i35, I think it was, and we hit our seed and nothing more and it was very much a sense of ‘wow that really wasn’t worth the time I put in’. Then the next LAN, i36, I put together a Mix team and we smashed our seed and took Guardian and php’s team to overtime. I’m pretty sure I had about 10 hours or less coming into that LAN and I enjoyed it about 20 times more than with a team. From then on I have never attended LAN as a team and didn’t see the benefit of putting in so many hours for team practice.

My opinion is the UK scene is dominated by egotistical players which is having a major impact on the up and coming players. Do you think this is the case?

I think this is partially true, however this year I would say things have definitely changed, with people like Fearless finally getting a chance in top teams and people like Jstar getting noticed as what I would call him ‘the next re1ease’. I feel like if Jstar can do it then others can also, Redsnk is a good example also who gives a lot of up and comers a chance, decclan and spudz again being a prime example. I feel that players who class themselves ‘up and comers’ and think they are some untapped talent they need to go to LAN with mixes or teams and prove it.

Who do you feel are the so called ‘fresh blood’ of the UK scene and will be winning LAN events in the near future?

Jstar and Fearless are pretty much what I would call the fresh blood and I guess decclan would be included in there also, but when it comes to winning LAN events, especially in the UK, pretty much anyone can win a UK LAN. Then you have the ‘back seaters’ who don’t really dedicate much time to cs go who could be winning LANs with the right team, s0m, Ze0 and Shaney for example.

Final question, CS:GO or CSS?

I prefer CS:GO. But they both have their flaws.

SPUdZ – I’m SPUdZ and I currently play for fm-eSports. I’ve played competitively for around 5-6 years on and off. My first notable team was ROCKETMEN and we attended i47 which was also my first LAN, finishing 5/6th. After that LAN I received an offer from redSNK to join teamCRG and for about a year played in teams with him on and off such as Infused and teamCRG.mix for LAN. Today, I play with fm-eSports (formerly known as Rasta.Xd) with the lineup of myself, jakem, REAZN, SHEEKEY and ZED.

You’re coming into good teams, then the next minute you’re coming out of good teams. Is this just the typical UK lineup changes after LAN or is there more to it?

There had been rumours of me getting kicked from Infused a few weeks after i-series and as soon as I found out I just left, have no time for any of this drama that constantly happens within the scene. I’m currently playing with fm-eSports and I feel at home with these lot and I’m enjoying my Counter Strike. We’ve said as a team we’re gonna stick together whatever happens after these next two events but there has been rumours of other lineups making changes so do expect some movement again! (sadly)

My opinion is the UK scene is dominated by egotistical players which is having a major impact on the up and coming players. Do you think this is the case?

I would have said yes back in source because it did seem to be the endless cycle of the same players constantly swapping lineups but in CSGO it seems like a new batch of talent has come through replacing the old school players who no longer plays and it’s refreshing to see. People need to realise if they want the chance to become something big then they have to prove themselves at a UK LAN first. It’s not the current top players who are being egotistical because we’ve seen mix teams who are filled with top UK players being made at recent UK CSGO LANs and still filling up the top 3 places at i-series or epic LAN without any practice. I’ve seen plenty of talent which could potentially break into the top tier of the UK scene from teams such as vexstar and rasta.B2G, it’s just whether they are willing to put the effort in to break the top 3 barrier at UK LANs which would then push them on to maybe better endeavours.

Last question, Source or GO?

Hahaha, urm, GO.




Sami ‘walker’ Grey has been playing the Counter Strike series since Condition Zero single player then progressed to CSS and started playing competitively when he was doing graphics work for Nat ‘tiLs’ Tilsley, getting mixes/gathers with him and a few other well known UK players. He never LANned throughout CSS but has since lanned with many mixes in CS:GO. He has always wanted to play at the top level but simply can’t dedicate enough time to it!

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