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After all the talk about what the UK has to offer in terms of talent, why we are straggling behind our international competition and how lineups change after every single LAN. Team Infused have shown exactly what we have to offer with some very impressive results at Gfinity 3. Although not getting out of the group stages, they had some very close encounters with some very reputable teams. Getting off to a slow start the Infused team lost to London Conspiracy 16-6 which instantly started the typical UK slating about how we simply can’t compete at an international level.

Infused didn’t let this affect them in any way going into their second group stage match against the one and only Ninjas In Pyjamas. NiP, widely known as the best team in the world, were expected to annihilate the UK side but the guys at Infused had other plans. Narrowly losing 16-12 to NiP shows exactly what the UK has to offer and we at BaconCape look forward to seeing them progress as a team at future events.

We caught up with redSNK to see what Infused plans are for the future and how he feels the LAN went.

Hi, can you introduce yourself to the readers that may not know of you and your team.

Hello I’m James, my in-game nick is redSNK. I’m currently the Leader of Team Infused and In-game Caller. The rest of the team is JT, tsack, decclan and hudzG.

Everyone who follows the UK scene will know how many lineup changes happen after every single LAN throughout the majority of the top UK teams. Heck we’ve seen quite a number of lineup changes for your own team throughout it’s time. Are you happy with the current lineup or are changes imminent?

Haha good question. You’re right the UK scene is renowned for its changes, I’m a big one against changing players in the team as I feel you’re always taking a step backwards when your trying to move forwards. I think once again we will see some new teams coming about after G3, there’s already rumours of new teams. We had a lot of problems pre-G3, but I believe we fixed most of them at LAN and as far as I’m aware no changes and imminent however I can’t attend i-series so the team will be attending i52 without me.

I feel you make quite a big impact in the team so having to replace you for the upcoming i-series is going to affect the team surely, any ideas on who will be attending in place of you?

We have someone in mind yes but at the moment that can’t be revealed. The time from now until i-series we will make sure we are drilling in the right areas so that when LAN comes whoever is coming in can just slot straight in.

After your substantial loss against London Conspiracy, how did the team get motivated and back on track narrowly losing to NiP 16-12?

The game against LC was a bit of strange one, it was the first game of the LAN, we had n0 time to warm up as the game before us was delayed. I think a lot of factors came into our bad performance against LC but end of the day the better team won. As for NiP we felt we had it in us to upset them, there’s no point going into a game thinking you’ve already lost just because they’re the best team in the game at the moment. We lost a vital anti eco round against NiP which cost us otherwise I think the scoreline would of been closer, however we were happy walking away from that game.

You then went on to draw with iBP who have some very experienced players. Did you know straight from the start this was a team you could upset or was it only at half time that you felt that the game was yours for the taking?

Going into the game, we knew we could do well. However we lost the knife straight away again, I don’t think we actually won a knife all tournament. Our T side was really letting us down all LAN, so we knew we were going to be on the back foot straight away. I think we only got 4 rounds T side, but we got the CT pistol and the 1st buy round as CT, putting us in a great position. We managed to get the game to 15-14 in our favour, however the last round SWAG had a bit of a beast moment and got 4 big frags for them, but we were happy with the result especially since they had just won ESEA, with NiP, Na`Vi, Col and VP all in attendance.

If there was such an award for ‘Player of the tournament’, who would you give it to?

From the games I watched, Allu was insane for Mouz, AZK for IBP, NBK from TITAN, but I think Byali, for his final performance, would get my vote.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions and good luck to your team in the future.




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