How Much it Would Cost for Valve to Upgrade all Match Making Servers to 128 Tick


If you’ve ever played 128 tick servers you know that there’s a significant difference between 128 and 64 tick servers in terms of performance and hit registration.

I’ve took it upon myself to work out how much exactly it would cost Valve to have 64 to 128 tick matchmaking servers on all active duty maps.

Valve currently have approximately 61600 competitive match making servers available. From looking around at a couple of game server lease companies, the average surcharge for upgrading to 128 tick from 64 tick servers, per month, is 12p per slot.

For each 10 slot private server that Valve would need to make for competitive match making the extra cost would be £1.20. Now, times this by the 61600 servers Valve currently have and we come to a grand total, per month, of £73,920 or $124,005.

The estimated income for Valve per year is £60,000,000 to £300,000,000 or $100 to $500 million. In Valves slowest year this would be £60 million which would equate to around £5 million per month.

This would mean that it would cost 1.48% of Valves total monthly income to upgrade the servers to 128 tick. However you do need to take in to account that this is not profit and it is split across a multitude of games and platforms.

So, lets be honest, Half Life 3 is more likely to be seen before we see 128 tick match making servers. Although if someone at Valve is reading this, we’d love to see half or even a quarter of the match making servers updated to 128 tick, which wouldn’t cost too much to implement.




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