How to Fix the CZ-75 in CSGO Once and For All


There has been a lot of talk about how to fix the CZ-75 in CSGO recently, so we’re going to have an open and frank discussion about how to fix the CZ-75 once and for all.

First off the most common fix to the CZ-75 is the price, $500 is cheap. People can still buy the gun on the second round and still buy on the fourth buy round if you lose the pistol round. The best solution to the price is swapping the CZ-75 with the Deagle. Give the Deagle a $500 price tag and the CZ-75 a $800 price tag. This gives a little boost to the Deagle which needs it, it’s a pointless gun at the moment with a high price and worse than the CZ-75 in terms of rate of fire, recoil and damage in some cases.

If we raise the price of the CZ-75 to $800 it would not be able to be bought in the second round or on pistol-armour eco rounds and the $500 Deagle may spark a little bit more usage from the ‘hand cannon’. As well as this it will stop any AWPers from buying an AWP and CZ-75, a lethal combination as an extra $800 is too expensive to be buying alongside a $4750 AWP. The point of a CZ paired with the AWP is that it covers all of the AWP’s weakest points at close range, so it’s very easy to go unpunished. The Deagle being swapped to $500 means that it cannot be used in the same sense since it is a mid-long range gun that requires more time for recoil to reset.

Another great point for swapping the price with the CZ and Deagle is that the CZ will no longer be used as a second rifle. If you’re getting rushed and you have a M4A1-S and you run out of bullets, if you have a CZ you’re going to be alright and will be able to spray down the rest easily. If you have a Deagle you won’t be able to spray down easily or even shoot that quickly due to the recoil pattern of the Deagle.

There isn’t much point in Valve creating a whole new slot just for the CZ at $1,000 or more like Thorin mentioned in his video series ‘Thorin’s Thoughts’. The swapping of Deagle and CZ will easily fix this. However, I do agree with Thorin that this swap isn’t the only thing that needs to change with the CZ.

The CZ is very accurate while moving, this gives the CZ an edge over rifles in certain situations. When peaking round a tight corner a CZ will be better than a M4; you can fly out and still be accurate with your bullets. Give the CZ a similar movement recoil pattern to the AK or M4.

Another way of fixing the almost invincible pairing of an AWP and CZ is by making the switch animate a little slower, so there is a larger delay between missing your AWP shot and spraying with the CZ.

The final idea I have about how to fix the CZ once and for all is reducing the spread a little. Reduce the spread, increase the recoil. This adds an element of skill to the CZ instead of fly out, crouch, spray and win. The rate of fire can stay, it is well balanced with the clip size in my opinion, the only issue is the way the bullets are used.

I don’t think any of this will change before Dreamhack at all. It will shake up the playstyle of the teams too much and before a major that isn’t a good thing. Keep the CZ as it is for Dreamhack and then have a large update just after Dreamhack. Or you could include it in a large update just before Dreamhack to add new features for the tournament and to throw teams off and have a reduced level of play in the tournament, that is usually how Valve like to do things.

What do you think? How would you fix the CZ? When would you update the game to fix the CZ? Tell us in the comments below!




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