If You Think Being Good at Matchmaking Makes You A Good CSGO Player You’re Wrong


Here’s why.

Matchmaking is made to solo queue. It’s there for people who want a quick, easy, casual game that isn’t full of strats or requires any analytical thinking.

People use mics to communicate where people are, but the chances of there not being someone who wants to mess about, not listen or have voice_enable 0 is slim.

The scene is full of idiots, we all know this which again, proves that Matchmaking is a waste of time, you will be coupled with these people and have to play against them.

Back in 1.6 and Source days your casual games were mixes. These consisted of five people all on voice comms that everyone knew, directly or through mutual friends. This grew the community, this helped people learn and this included a lot less rage. This helped you improve your gamesense, communication skills and created teams off the back of these mix groups. This eliminated griefing too.

The games were then found using an admittedly outdated software, IRC, where people would choose the skill they wanted to play, contact another user and then join a server either you had bought or the other team had bought. An advantage over this is that you do not have to put up with the appalling Valve servers or any idiots/cheaters; you could just leave if the other team were cheating.

Any global elite player nowadays could be an amazing player such as a pro player or could be completely pointless in a professional team game manner, but think he’s the best.

The whole reason behind this post is to highlight why Matchmaking is pointless if you want to be like the pros or be as good as them. It doesn’t build up your gamesense, it doesn’t grow your contact list and only adds to the rage of more experienced players that know this.

Drop the stigma, don’t think you’re good because you’re ‘Supreme Distinguished Master Guardian of the Elites’, once you have proven yourself in an online league in an organised team then you can boast about being good, or better than another player.





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