Top 5 Gaming Mice You Should Consider When Buying


If you’re looking for a new mouse or an upgrade to your existing mouse we will discuss the possible options for you here.

1. The Razer Naga

Perfect for MMOs and daily usage this mouse features 12 customisable buttons that can be used for anything from casting spells in WoW, to a push to talk button, play/pause button or page down button. Made by Razer, you know you’re getting quality too. The ergonomic design is perfect for palm grip players who would place their thumb above the keys, a claw grip would put your thumb on the keys allowing for quick access but could end up in accidental button clicks.

2. The Razer Deathadder

The staple of any Counter Strike players set up, the Deathadder has been favoured by professional FPS players for years. Don’t worry though, Razer released an updated version of the Deathadder in 2014 which added a comfortable grip, improved scroll wheel and faster response times. The Deathadder is second to none in speed and comfort plus the two extra customisable buttons, this mouse has it all. This is a perfect mouse for the all round gamer, or hardcore FPS player. It is also part of the Chroma range of Razer products which gives you 16.8 million customisable colour options.

3. SteelSeries Sensei

With built in colour options, four customisable buttons, comfortable ergonomic design and some of the fastest response times and raw input accuracy on the market the Sensei deserves to be high up in your considerations. Having tried both the Deathadder and the Sensei I didn’t see much different in performance, they’re both great mice, the main difference is your left and right click fingers are closer to your mousemat with the Sensei and you have twice as many customisable buttons with the Sensei.

4. Zowie EC2

In contrast to the SteelSeries and the Razers, Zowie are a smaller brand. The Zowie EC2 is more like the Sensei than anything else in terms of look, but it has two customisable buttons like the Deathadder. So if you can’t choose between the Deathadder and the Sensei, get the EC2. It’s a great mouse than many FPS and MOBA players love to use because of it’s superior performance and great design.

5. Madcatz RAT 5

For the people who like something different, something cool looking, the RAT 5 is completely customisable in terms of dimensions, so for those of you who have a larger/smaller than average hand this could be the mouse for you. The RAT 5 has six customisable buttons including a thumb scroll wheel, two side buttons and a sensitivity changing button. As well as this you can choose between four different colours, matte black, gloss black, red and white. If you love customisability, this is the mouse for you.




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