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This is the place to find everything you need to know prior to the CS:GO ESL One Katowice 2015 tournament. This includes the stream, event schedule and event details.

Prize pool – $250,000

1. $100,000 USD
2. $50,000 USD
3-4. $22,000 USD
5-8. $10,000 USD
9-16. $2,000 USD

Map pool


Participating teams:

Fnatic FlipSid3 Tactics
Natus Vincere LGB eSports
HellRaisers Team Solomid
Ninjas in Pyjamas VOX EMINOR
Team EnVyUs Counter Logic Gaming
Penta Sports Titan Cloud9
3DMAX Team KaBuM


Group A

Team P W L
Na`Vi.CS 0 0 0
fnatic.CS 0 0 0
FlipSid3 0 0 0

Group B

Team P W L
EnVyUs 0 0 0
PENTA Sports 0 0 0
LGB 0 0 0
TitanCS 0 0 0

Group C

Team P W L
NiP 0 0 0
HR.CS 0 0 0
LG.CS 0 0 0
K.Stars 0 0 0

Group D

Team P W L
VP.CS 0 0 0
TSM.CS 0 0 0
Cloud9.CS 0 0 0
3DMAX.CS 0 0 0



Sean Charles – Host


Leigh “Deman” Smith
Lauren “Pansy” Scott
Anders Blume
Stuart “TosspoT” Saw

The Desk:

Alex “machine” Richardson
Spencer “Hiko” Martin
Casper “cadiaN” Møller


Halvor “vENdetta” Gulestøl
Janko “YNk” Paunović

Watch live video from esl_csgo on

All times are GMT+1 (-1 hour for UK time)

Thursday, March 12
13:00 EnVyUs vs. Titan A1
13:00 LGB vs. PENTA Sports A2
14:10 Winner A1 vs. Winner A2 A4
14:10 Loser A1 vs. Loser A2. A3
14:10 Vox Eminor vs. fnatic B1
14:10 Na`Vi vs. FlipSid3 Tactics B2
15:20 Winner B1 vs. Winner B2 B4
15:20 Loser A4 vs. Winner A3
15:20 Loser B1 vs. Loser B2 B3
16:20 NiP vs. Keyd Stars C1
16:20 CLG vs. HellRaisers C2
16:30 Loser B4 vs. Winner B3
17:40 Winner C1 vs. Winner C2 C4
17:40 Loser C1 vs. Loser C2 C3
18:30 vs. 3DMAX D1
18:30 Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid D2
18:50 Loser C4 vs. Winner C3
19:40 Loser D1 vs. Loser D2 D3
20:00 Winner D1 vs. Winner D2 D4
21:10 Loser D4 vs. Winner D3
Friday, March 13
13:00 Quarter-final #1
16:00 Quarter-final #2
19:00 Quarter-final #3
Saturday, March 14
13:00 Quarter-final #4
16:00 Semi-final #1
19:00 Semi-final #2
Sunday, March 15
13:00 Grand final


1st. – Virtus.Pro

The resident team who won ESL One Katowice last year should be getting another huge boost from the home advantage and home crowd, which was one of the large factors in their win last year. This and their current run of form should allow the Polish team to take victory in the second ESL One Katowice major. If make it to the stage, they will win on that stage.

2nd. – fnatic

fnatic are a very strong team coming in to this event and many people will argue they will win. However, they will not have the crowd advantage, this will affect your mindset immensely, especially when ingame, it will make it almost impossible to come back after losing a couple of rounds. I feel fnatic will reach the final, but will have to play NiP in a match which will determine who plays in the final, this will be a game to look out for (expect many overtimes).

3rd. – NiP

With the introduction of allu the NiP team has been playing well, getting some good results recently such as their victories against teams such as TSM, Virtus.Pro and ENVYUS. NiP won’t win this event, but they will hold a strong placing. It will be interesting to watch allu at his first offline event with his new team.

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