4 of the Most Shocking World of Warcraft Weddings


World of Warcraft is an incredibly immersive game and can even take over some peoples lives. Getting married in World of Warcraft is a thing. A thing that all these people have in common. Below is our three most shocking World of Warcraft marriages, complete with video.

1. Wedding Crashers

Everyone has seen the film Wedding Crashers, it’s a classic. Well in WoW it’s a little easier to crash a wedding.

These two rapscallions find a wedding and want to hang around. They sit through the whole ceremony, they take part in the fireworks celebration and one even jokingly objects.

After the objection the imposters find out that the couple met through WoW and were actually getting married in real life. Awkward!

2. Dragon Riders

Another story about wedding crashers, this time with a twist. A group of WoW players wanted to crash a wedding but not the conventional way. They wanted to go with dragons. Huge dragons.

In the video you can see the group get comfortable with their dragon bodies, completely troll the wedding and then start an orgy with the other guests. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!

3. The Marital Massacre

The couple had it all planned out. They would have a picturesque fairytale wedding in Stormwind Cathedral.

However, there were some people who thought that it wasn’t red enough. A huge collection of horde raid the party and kills everyone. Yes, everyone.

4. It all ends well

After the, lets face it, unfortunate previous weddings we thought we’d show you a nice wedding. One that actually went to plan.

YouTube user, Spotcats, created a World of Warcraft wedding video to rival some actual weddings. The video is based around the lovely soundtrack “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain with the reception being set around “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel.




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