How To Rank Up in CS:GO Matchmaking


How to rank up in CS:GO

Climbing the ranks in Matchmaking and learning how to rank up in CS:GO can be a grind, over the 2 years since CS:GO was released I have played over 1200 games and have amassed no small amount of experience dealing with the online warriors out there in the trenches of online soloqueue MM so here are my top five ways to rank up in CS:GO!

How to Rank Up in CS:GO

  1. Warm up

    You really cannot underestimate the positive effects of playing deathmatch, but that really isn’t the only way to warm up. A balance of deathmatch, aim maps, retake servers and more casual public play is sure to boost your aim and movement, and help you get out of that nova trench. In short the more hours you put into playing csgo overall the better you will get!

  2. Communicate

    Now I know many of you reading this are thinking “But how do I communicate with twelve year old Russians?” Have a little empathy, you were that obnoxious twelve year old once (trust me you were) all they need is an experienced hand to guide them and the MM-heroes can be harnessed for good. That being said it can often be difficult to persuade people with a first language other than English to talk to you at all! However CS:GO is the universal language of love that brings us all together, LONG A is the same in every dialect on the globe and frankly that’s just beautiful. The best way I have found in over 1000 competitive matchmaking games is to lead by example, if you call as much as possible you will often find your teammates response is to follow suit.

  3. Learn the maps

    A huge part of CS:GO comes down to map knowledge, both the physical layout and angles of the maps including crosshair placement and learning all those little nooks and crannies, but also the current metagame and general strategy. A great way to learn maps in your own time without playing them is to practice grenades using a nade practice config! Learning those key smokes like A crossover from long on de_dust2 or CT spawn from banana on de_inferno. A great nade practice config can be found here and a staggering number of grenade tutorials can be found here.

  4. Study professional games

    They’re pros for a reason and maybe the most effective way to increase your rank and skill up quickly is to watch the best players in the world do the thing they’re paid for, try to think of the best player for the role you want to play and then watch their games and emulate that player. Are you a sneaky lurker? Check out some GeT_RiGhT demos. Always the first man in the site? Then maybe Friberg is the man for you, there is a myriad of demos and youtube perspective videos available online from websites like HLTV so get watching!

How to Rank up in CS:GO

  1. Think positive

    Your own mindset is the most important factor in any endeavour and if you don’t think you can do something you probably wont be able to. A few good ways to put yourself in a positive mindset that I have personally utilised are:

    • Listen to your favourite song
    • Close your eyes and visualise yourself getting that 5man spraydown
    • Watch a video that gets you hyped up, a CS frag movie for example or this

I hope that this short list will be helpful to those of you out there learning how to rank up in CS:GO.




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