5 Of The Best Steam Skins


The standard Steam skin can be a little boring and dull sometimes and for the people who want a change of scenery we’ve collated 6 of the best steam skins out there.

Metro Steam Skin

Metro download


The skin I use on my Steam, and in my opinion the best, optimisation and upgrade to the original steam skin. Inspired by Microsoft’s current UI, Metro is based on Microsoft’s clean style and customisable colour scheme. It features crisp game tiles and updated buttons. Like all the best skins, Metro also customises the in-game overlay, bringing a clean composition into your games too. If you’re unsure as to which Steam skin to download, this is the one to go for.

Air Steam Skin

Steam Air download


Another one of my favourites Inhibitor’s Air design presents an uncluttered, uniform look, with grey spacing to keep a minimalistic look. Really taking flat design to the next level. You can change accent colours in this skin, much like Metro. The Steam chat windows are also delightfully simple, with beautiful circular display pictures and minimalistic design. “The goal was to remove clutter from the UI,” Inhibitor writes. “I won’t be adding anything until I come up with a solution that I actually think fits well. I don’t want to just tack an icon onto the skin and call it good.”

Pixelvision Steam Skin

PixelVision download


Pixelvision provides a clean, professional look with extra hatching and a subtle bluish tint that makes the skin pop. To enjoy Pixelvision to it’s full potential you need to install a couple of additional fonts, this isn’t hard just double click on the font file to open it and then click install in the top left. A nice little skin if you don’t like the minimalistic style of Metro or Air.

Blue Pulse Steam Skin

Blue Pulse download


Perfect for the chronic all-nighter, with a blue tint Blue Pulse is easy on the eye and you could look at this all night without ending up with eye strain. Bright colours can quickly become painful for your eye to comprehend but the calm cobalt tones and the dark backgrounds of this Steam skin allow you to be on Steam all night.

Steam Compact Skin

Steam Compact download


Darth Tealc’s Compact Steam skin is designed to give you information in the smallest possible space. The Steam redesign minimizes empty space while still making all the tabs, icons and categories readable, and does it pretty effectively which isn’t easy to do. It’s not a complete overhaul, the basic design is still there it’s just tighter and neater. Perfect for the gamer who hates wasted space on their desktop. Although this may seem too busy for many users this Steam skin allows you fit more in less. If you’re an avid multitasker or neat freak this is the Steam skin for you.





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