Top 10 CS:GO Teams in August 2015


Here is a list of the top 10 CS:GO teams in August 2015. This is our opinion and you are welcome to debate the rankings in the comments below.

fnatic are top, they seem to always come out on top even if they look like they are going to lose. Na`Vi are ahead of TSM due to the recent TakeTV Acer Predator Masters event in which TSM were knocked out by E-Frag. Granted they may have been trying out new strats and not playing to their best ability but even so, you should be able to fall back on a default that will win you rounds. are ahead of Cloud9 simply because they’ve always come out on top when these teams have played each other. Sure, make a lot of mistakes in their games but I think they’re going to come out guns blazing in the ESL One Cologne major this month. Cloud9 will be the one to watch at the major. They seem to be getting to all the finals in the smaller tournaments recently but not being able to win any. This has made them 5th but if they can get in to (they don’t even have to win) the ESL One major final this will surely boost them up a few places.

Kinguin have been pretty impressive recently but I haven’t seen them do much in terms of offline events, hopefully we’ll be able to get a little bit more information as to where this team fits in to the top 10. EnVyUs are again a new team like Kinguin after the french shuffle so we’ve not seen this new lineup play many official matches or offline tournaments but they’re still very good individuals which gives them the 7th spot. Their playstyle will also allow the team to quickly rebuild. NiP have been very lackluster of late and haven’t really been a top team for quite a while, hopefully they’ve been working on their game for the major this month and we’ll see some good CounterStrike from the Swedes.

9th and 10th place were hotly contested but I think that because of HellRaisers recent win at the Acer Predator Masters event over mousesports they’re the best team for 9th right now. mousesports beat teams like E-Frag, SK Gaming, Penta and took two maps from HellRaisers in the Acer Predator Masters Finals so their place at 10th is also well deserved.

  1. fnatic
  2. Na`Vi
  3. Team SoloMid
  5. Cloud9
  6. Team Kinguin
  7. EnVyUs
  8. NiP
  9. HellRaisers
  10. mousesports




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