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So you’ve seen The International and want to learn Dota 2? Great, we’ll help you get started. Now, unlike League of Legends, Dota 2 has an offline mode where you can practice against bots and learn champions. Which can instantly stop you from getting a bucket load of hate from the community. Every hero in Dota 2 is available to everyone for free. In Dota 2 the only thing you can buy with real money is cosmetic items for heroes (of which you still have a chance of randomly getting for free just by playing). Check out the list of resources below to start your journey in to Dota 2.

Learn Dota 2 With These Resources

Information Database for Heroes, Items, Etc.

More in depth guides but also user submitted.

Great for information and news of happenings within the Dota 2 community with coverage of most competitive matches.

Long Read, but if you have time an Introduction to Dota

Four Minute Tutorial Video

Hero Guides/Spotlight Videos

Team Liquid’s Liquipedia for Dota 2

Guides by Pros

Console & game settings, hotkeys, camera, shift-queuing, game-time

Ultimate Guide to Warding

Items, Heroes and Counters Guides




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