12 Tips On How To Make Minecraft More Fun


This is a list of tips from my gaming experience in Minecraft. They’re meant for survival mode, but some apply well also for creative. So let’s get in to these 12 tips on how to make Minecraft more fun!

How To Make Minecraft More Fun

  1. Don’t start a new world. Just move a bit further and start building again.
  2. Start with basic useful things, then move to a bigger build. If you want a big world that, in your plans, should become your main one, choose wisely on your seed and main base setting. A good starting point is what will help you play that world more.
  3. Don’t begin with a massive build, it’s discouraging. Split big builds in to tinier parts and do them one at a time. It’s more rewarding to complete a tower than having a far-from-finished castle.
  4. Store everything. You’ll soon find yourself full of apparently useless stuff (like dirt, seeds, eggs, cobblestone, and so on), but you never know. You could always be in the need of it in the future: craft an extra chest and drop everything in to there. It’s never enough, you never know how big your world will be in the future.
  5. Gamemode? Difficulty? (locked?) F3 debug? Cheats? Set your own set of rules: Minecraft has no built-in rules, so just follow what makes you comfortable. Don’t feel compelled to rules other people enforce, it’s more important that you just have fun.
  6. Make a to-do list (even if it’s a simple mental one, it’s always better to write it down though).
  7. Diversify: it’s not wrong to build multiple things at a time. Especially with huge builds, that will help you fight the boredom and leave you free to do what inspires you the most in a single gaming session.
  8. Be practical. Your environment must be handy and functional, before goodlooking. Make sure it works before you add that bit of flair.
  9. Tutorials are awesome but make sure you completely understand what you’re doing (especially with circuits). You might find you can add some changes to the tutorials circuit that fits your needs better, rather than copy-paste what you see on youtube. Don’t be lazy, experiment.
  10. Seek perfection: don’t be afraid of improving your finished builds. Change a detail or destroy and build again, but don’t go on unsatisfied. If you’re fed up, do it later.
  11. Backup.
  12. Backup twice.

After reading this I hope you now can curb that boredom in Minecraft. Tell us in the comments how you make Minecraft more fun!




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