Best Bits From DreamHack Cluj-Napoca CSGO Major Day 2


Here’s the best bits from the second day at the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca CSGO Major.

Incredible stage

It’s got the scoots seal of approval

The players section can get a little rowdy

Dennis is much better than Olof?

Friberg getting some last minute practice in

n0thing player spotlight

markeloff player spotlight

Awesome bomb defusal stage production

Moses will paint the CLG logo on his head if they win the bo3 tomorrow

Luminosity beat fnatic

NBK raps about the hardware

The gruesome twosome

The analyst desk on Americans

DreamHack Cbble-Napoca

Thorin on Friberg

Even the pros whiff sometimes

n0thing wasn’t going to be left hanging

MSL gets a ninja defuse

Thorin loves to give it

Beautiful pun by ReDeYe

Cool JW drawing

“ are gonna rekt that ass”

TaZ player spotlight




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