Flashbang #3 DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Edition


The last Major of this year happened last week and brings a lot of news on the scene. Welcome to this recap of the important stuff that happened during the event!

EnvyUs crowned as champions

They were one of the favorites to succeed here in Cluj-Napoca and they managed to get the title. For the first time in their history, this EnVyUs line-up win a major and get on the top of the world. This is the 2nd major win for the previous LDLC players, but it is a first for ApEx and KennyS who finally get the champions title that slipped through their hands in Cologne!

The upset major

This major will be remembered because of their winner, but also because of the unpredictability of these matches. If Envy beating Fnatic could arguably be called an upset, G2 beating VP and NiP destroying TSM wasn’t expected at all. It could have gone further for G2 who went from having 3 match points against envy to losing the map on overtime and finally the game. But a strong performance from them and also from NiP who beat the odds by taking the semi final spot away from TSM.


Anders the Golden Joystick

Not directly DreamHack related but still important. RoomOnFire Anders Blume won the Golden Joystic Award for E-sport Icon of the Year. This is an amazing achievement for the caster who was at Cluj-Napoca when the news came out. The man of catchphrases like “Are you kidding me?” and “Inhuman reactions” left his mark in the history of e-sport casting.

Play of the week

This week’s play of the week is not dedicated to a single player but to a duo: Fox and Jkaem showing great form against an EnvyUs team on their map pick!




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