Flashbang #4 The Post-Major Week


One could believe that the week that follows a major could be empty due to a common break. But there is a lot of activity within the CSGO scene.

Virtus pro wins CEVO season 8

First result after this month’s major, Virtus pro managed to win the final after a convincing match against Mouz 3-0 in Columbus, USA.

TaZ’s team brought their A-game to this event and delivered a strong performance with only a single map lost in the group stage against Dignitas. They win $40,000.

This tournament’s big surprise was the strong performance from Conquest. The Canadians were on top form to get out of the group stage and almost got in to the final, only to lose to Mouz in the third map.

On the French side, Titan got to the semi-final but didn’t manage to find a way to get through the Polish line-up. However the French team changed leadership with Shox calling instead of Ex6TenZ right before the tournament. The future will tell how this change impacts Titan’s results in the future.


The #Nipgate continues

It all started with a tweet form Richard Lewis

His tweet includes the article he wrote explaining that NiP’s organisation owes thousand of dollars to their players. This money has been owed from different tournaments prizepools and deferred salary.

The following day, as RL predicted on his By The Numbers show with Thoorin, pro player Friberg announced on his twitter account that the rumors are false.

However this tweet made a lot of noise in the community, considered by many as a tweet mandatory from NIP’s direction.

This #NiPgate led NiP’s CEO Per Lilliefelth to stand down on the 8th November. The organisation also recognized that some accusations against him regarding players payments were right.

With Patric Jönsson as the new CEO, NiP is trying to get past this scandal and move on. Let’s hope that those problems won’t happen in the future.

Play of the week

This week brought a lot of good play. The return of the 1-Tap ScreaM, Apex’s pistol ace against G2 and much more. But the play that should be remembered this is week is Aizi’s ace against VP. 5 frags are Worth a thousand words.




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