Flashbang #6: The North-American week


Na`Vi: The IEM San Jose Champions

The IEM tournament, hosted by ESL in San Jose (USA), was one of the last tournaments this year. And after the news that EnvyUs were not attending the number one spot was blown right open.

North America was well represented in this competition, with 4 out of 8 teams coming from the American continent. Sadly, only Liquid managed to make it to the semi’s. In the End it’s Na`Vi who gets the trophy after a convincing win against the Danish lineup of TSM. Guardian finally get’s his tournament win after his loss in Cluj against EnvyUs.

Cloud 9: The North-American Champions

This week has shown the world the potential of Cloud 9’s lineup. Even if they lost their first match in the quarter-final of IEM. N0thing’s team managed to win two American titles this week:

  • First they won the iBP cup after defeating team liquid 2-1 bringing home $65,000
  • Then they won the RGN Pro Series Championship over Renegades with a 2-0 score and $15,000 in the bag

Skadoodle and his mates have nothing left to prove on the American continent. Yet they must confirm their growth by finding their place in the circle of the best teams in the world.

MLG to organize the next Major in Columbus

This news has popped out this week. The next Major of CS:GO will be held March 29th – April 3rd in Columbus. And for the first time in Majors history it’s MLG who will have the task to organize it.

MLG already has some experience in hosting CS:GO events as they organized MLG X-games Aspen last year. This year, the event will take place in the Nationwide Arena, who can greet 20,000 spectators.

Tickets will go on sale on December 3rd and we can only hope that the American scene will be here for this event.

Play of the week

This week it is NaVi Edward who manages to clutch a 1v4 in the most sneaky beaky way possible. Check the video at the top of the page.




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