Flashbang #7 Dreamhack FACEIT Finals


Fnatic win Dreamhack winter 2015

Last Saturday was the day of the FACEIT finals hosted by Dreamhack Winter. The grand finals featured Fnatic and the Brazilian Luminosity which resulted in a victory 2-1 to the Swedes.


But how did Luminosity make it to the finals you may ask? FalleN’s team made an incredible run during the tournament. First they beat EnVyUs in the group stage, sending the French team home prematurely. But the Brazillans showed that this win wasn’t luck by beating NIP on their home turf. Still hungry for more, they also managed to defeat TSM. Beating all the odds, they make their way through to the grand final only to be stopped by a Fnatic line-up with a godlike Olofmeister.

Sean Gares steps down from Cloud9

After an intense week for North America, Cloud9 announce that Sean Gares is leaving his team.


This comes as a big news since Seang@res was one of the most appreciated North-American CSGO players. Many personalities of the scene immediately showed their support to the player:

Cloud9 have already begun their tryouts for the 5th place in the team. Rumours have it that GeT_RiGhT might be moving to the American team.

Play of the week

May good plays this week. But the title goes to KennyS who clutches an impossible 1v4 without his favorite weapon. 




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