CSGOBIG The Most Advanced CSGO Betting Platform


CSGOBIG, dubbed the most advanced CSGO betting platform, has officially launched another update with coinflips and more. It is also a major overhaul and performance update for the site since their initial release back in July.

CSGOBIG is a place where players can pit their virtual items/skins from CS:GO against one another in a high risk, high reward, winner takes all fashion.


What makes CSGOBIG unique is their brand new approach to the lottery system you see many csgo betting sites using currently, they have a real-time inventory system, highly customisable profile pages, various pot sizes and also an on-site gifting and trading system.


Admins are active, engaging, and, working around the clock to ensure a better environment and experience for the players, through constant updates and bug fixes. With admins from around the world an admin will be available 24/7. Various pot sizes allow you to get invovled whether you have an AWP Asiimov or a Sand Dune P90.


CSGOBIG greatly value user input and suggestions from players and will put each suggestion to the dev team.


As well as all this you can find frequent events and giveaways on CSGOBIGs social media accounts, a great way of getting a high value skin for free.

So do you have some extra skins just lying around? Feeling lucky? Then what are you waiting for! Play for your favourite skins now @ CSGOBIG.COM!




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