Flashbang #8 – Fragbite Master and Transfers


Intense week in the CS:GO scene. With the winter holidays coming up, the scene is having a few changes before the break.

Fnatic wins Fragbite Master 5

The Swedish line-up led by a god-like Olofmeister shows that the Fnatic era in CSGO isn’t over just yet. Fnatic won a close final against their rivals, NiP. The last map was the decider and it’s on mirage that Fnatic won 16-12.

The surprise in this tournament came from the Danish Team SK Gaming who managed to beat TQM (ex TSM) for 3rd Place.


TSM Loses Team

The rumor was spreading around reddit and Twitter for the past week and has been confirmed. Team Solomid no longer host a CSGO lineup. The team composed by Device and Karrigan is currently looking for a new organization. Meanwhile they play their matches under the name of TQM (The Question Mark).
It is with TQM that the lineup attended Fragbite Masters and it will be this way until an organization is found.

Allu out of NIP for 2016

This news is as fresh as possible. Allu has announced this morning that he will not be part of NiP for the year 2016.

There is no information about the team Allu could join, but as we see in his tweet, he already has something planned and the future seems Bright for the Redbull drinker.

Talking about NIP, Get_Right has announced that all the rumor about him going to Cloud9 are false, ending the community hype.

Play of the Week

This week the move goes to Friberg who showed us a very strong Famas holding on mirage’s B site.




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