Flashbang #9 – Cowboys and Fnatic On Top


Valve winter’s update

The Major Winter has come and has made a lot of noise in the CSGO community, a most important features of this update are:

  • The Arrival of the R8 revolver
  • The timer in competitive MM is now: 1:55 and 0:40 for C4
  • Movement accuracy of pistols decreased
  • Changed the recovery time on the rifles
  • Addition of a timeout in Matchmaking

But it is the revolver that made the most noise. Coming into the game in a very unbalanced way, it was pointed out by the community that it was more like a way for Valve to make money.

On a funnier note, Valve also prevented the chickens of getting cold by giving them cool winter sweaters


In a recent update, the damage of the gun was nerfed, disallowing someone to one shot someone in the chest.

Fnatic wins Esl Esea Pro League

It was probably the last competition of 2015 and once again, Olofmeister’s team managed to get the title after a close win versus NaVi.
Guardian and his teammates made a good job by Eliminating EnvyUs in convincing way but were stopped by the Swedes.
The finals results look like this :

pic 1

The Swedes go home with a $100 000 cheque and cement their position as the best CSGO team of the year 2015 (even with a little slump in Autumn).

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

In fact with the holidays the scene will be calm for the end of December so there won’t be any Flashbang articles. The reviews will come back next year!

If you enjoyed them or if you have suggestions you can contact me on twitter: @Hearschfr or by mail at [email protected].

I’ll leave you with the last Play of the Week of 2015: A demonstration of Opness and Oneshot’s of the r8 (props to Houngoungagne):




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