What Type of Gamer Are You?


In this article we will talk about the different types of gamer out there, from the button masher to the elitist. Which one are you? What are your friends?

What Type of Gamer Are You?

The Button Masher

Skip, skip, skip, skip. Just let me kill things and do stuff, I don’t want to hear about your carefully constructed story I just want to play the game.

The Collector

Oh I went the right way? Let me go back and go down the wrong way just to make sure I didn’t miss anything cool. I will spend 30 minutes trying to make this really hard jump just to get that one gem that really doesn’t mean anything in the game.

The Achievement Hunter

The Achievement Hunter is always wanting to get an achievement, a trophy or a gold star. They will go to extreme lengths to get these, from playing a game they hate for hours on end just for one achievement to spending hours on a single level to shave an extra second off their time.

The Hardcore Gamer

Yeah I do 200 kills on the AWP, 200 kills on the AK, 200 kills on the M4, 200 kill on the USP and then 100 kills on the deagle on deathmatch as my warm up each day, then my team and I will practice strategies for 1 hour, then I’ll play another 5 hours of team games, after all this I’ll rewatch some of the team games to see where I went wrong, which strategies worked and which didn’t.

The Jock

This gamer will never admit they are a gamer, except to another jock gamer. They will buy the newest console for the graphics, other capabilities, and the latest sports or cool-to-own title. Always expect this type of gamer to be playing either Madden or FIFA. They’d rather throw last year’s games away then set foot in a game store, but will gladly talk about their specific subset of games if prompted as long as they play it off like they don’t care.

The Clown

This gamer will always be the first one to play the game outside of its parameters. Backwards on Mario Kart. Rocket Jumps in multiplayer. The clown loves to find exploits, mess with people and have a laugh. Living on YouTube you will see this gamer post their antics and watch hours of other people.

The Retro Gamer

While this gamer might own newer systems, they prefer the retro gaming, the NES, SNES and Commodore are some of their favourite consoles. And they’ll always talk about the golden era of games being 30 years ago. Their biggest pleasure remains finding new stuff out about old games or hearing about a title they never played. Often found searching for that nostalgia feeling.

The Envied Gamer

This type of gaming will buy something just to have what everyone else wants. They’ll buy something, show it off and then not use it. Always focused on the current gen to maximise the jealousy of others. This gamer is more a collector than anything else.

The Elitist

Usually sticking to one game series the elitist will trounce you easily and love every minute of it. Hunting down less-experienced gamers just for the win they know the tactics and
places you will sit, so to the untrained eye they seem to be hacking. Gamers without their skill level are laughable and easy prey.




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