10 Hilarious CSGO Jokes


There’s not many jokes about CSGO, but here’s the best we could find. Tell us in the comments your favourite one or tell us a joke that isn’t featured here!

1. What do you call a Deagle Blaze with an iBP sticker on it?

A flamethrower

2. What did the smg say to his son when he dropped him of at school?


I like my guns how I like my girls, Minimal Wear

3. Me: “2 short”

Teammates: “That’s what she said”

4. How do I know the terrorists hate Lord of the Rings? They always say “No more Tolkein now we fight!”

5. What do you do when a Russian player throws a grenade at you?

Pull the pin and throw it back.

6. 4/0/4 Assist not found.

7. You know you’ve played too much CS when you consider grabbing a knife from the kitchen before going out for a run.

8. I don’t always get flashbanged, but when I do, it’s because I threw it.

9. Play CS:GO for the first time, asks team what is the password to the bomb.

10. 64 tick matchmaking servers


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