10 CSGO Pick Up Lines To Get You The Ladies


It’s becoming a meme that online gamers don’t have girlfriends so we wanted to fix that. We’ve made a list of the 10 best CSGO related pick up lines that you can use to get that dream girl.

Tell us in the comments below how you went on with these pick up lines!

1. Hey girl, will you let me rush your lower tunnels?

2. If you were B site, I’d rush you.

3. Damn gurl, you a p90?

Cuz I’d spray you.

4. If we open a case together, what are my chances of getting lucky?

5. If you were a map, you would be called de_licious

6. Hey girl, is your number 7355608?

Coz you da’ bomb.

7. I like my guns how I like my girls, Minimal Wear

8. Can I wallbang your double doors?

9. Hey girl, want to inspect my Case Hardened?

10. You make my karambit go bayonet.




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