5 CSS Frag Videos You Must See If You Play CSGO


Here’s a nice little list of CSS frag movies that you really must see if you’re new to CSGO or haven’t seen them before. I spent many hours watching frag movies in the days of CSS and I’d like to share that with you. What’s your favourite frag movie? Include it in the comments below.

Incorporated 2 by ClaYman

This is a community video that has some incredible cinematography and is one of the most iconic frag movies in CSS.

mTw 2008-2009 by Pangea Movies

One of my personal favourites this shows the mTw team of 2008-2009 take on the world and includes revolutionary ingame communications from the mTw team, which has got to be the best scene in CSS frag movies ever. It’s just so damn cool.

phoon too much for zblock

Another iconic CSS movie, not sure if we can call it a frag movie. phoon too much for zblock is a movie of phoon bunnyhopping around maps and fragging people in hilarious ways. It’s insane what you could do in that game.

Deagle Clip by skiTeL

This deagle clip by skiTeL is shorter than the other frag movies in this list but it shows how good the deagle was in CSS alongside some amazing movie making skills syncing up deagle clips with the song perfectly.

Killing Entertainment by k1u

Not one of my personal favourites but this has been incredibly popular for a long time in CSS and technically is done really well.





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