Flashbang #11 – Titan’s Disband, Fnatic’s Trophy And ESL’s New Rules


Titan’s Disband

The news came just before the start of StarSeries XIV. Titan is shutting down it’s activity therefore letting their CS:GO roster free to choose a new organisation. The reason for this disband is entirely due to financial issues. Titan’s CEO Damien Crust stated that: “Sponsors and partners with whom we were about to sign, understandably backed out of deals, not wanting to be associated with a company that had just been tarnished.” He is referring to the scandal of KQLY’s VAC ban. The company was affected by that unfortunate event and could not grow back from it, after presumably being blacklisted by sponsors.

The CS:GO roster will remain the same, the boys are just looking for a new organization to play for. I think it’s safe to assume that this roster will find a large organisation that will be willing to pay big bucks for the French lineup.

Fnatic Wins StarSeries XIV

Fnatic started this year the best way they could. After a very close semi-final against the Brazilians of Luminosity, Flusha’s team crushed the Ukrainian Na`Vi in a hard way, beating Na`Vi 16-3 and 16-7.

Na`Vi managed to beat EnvyUs in the semi finals in a very convincing way (2-0) with Guardian at the top of his game.

This year is starting well for Fnatic as they enter 2016 with a massive win.

ESL Rule Changes Gameplay Rules

As we know, ESL will be hosting a lot of CS:GO events throughout the year. The company has now chosen to change a few rules for their tournaments:

  • Round and bomb timers have been set to 1:55 and 0:40 respectively, in accordance with Valve’s changes to these times for the game developers’ Major and Minor events.
  • The deathcam has been shortened to two seconds after internal discussions and discussions with players.
  • The end of round delay (after a new round starts once a round has finished) has been shortened to three seconds.
  • Jumpthrow scripts have been forbidden after a vote from players was in favour of banning.

What’s interesting about those changes is that ESL asked for a vote from the players regarding the Jumpthrow scripts. Let’s hope that the players opinion will be considered by other organisations when making big decisions such as this.




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