Flashbang #12 – Roster Changes and Dreamhack Zowie


The week of Roster Changes

A lot happened last week in the competitive scene. Let’s take a look at all the changes that occurred between the players and the organizations:

G2 to FaZe

The G2 roster has announced that they are no longer part of G2, but are now playing for Faze. The transfer fee’s of Maikelele’s team has not been announced. The Faze Clan is now active in the 2 main FPS games; CSGO and Call of Duty.

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TSM announce new lineup

Right after freeing Device and his teammates from their contracts. TSM announced that they will be looking for a new CSGO team. They finally built that roster with the leadership of Semphis who will be joined by 2 of his former Complexity teammates. Roster goes as follow:

pic 1

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What the roster changes mean for NA CS

Ex-Tsm creates own Org

It was announced shortly before Dreamhack and it’s a first in CSGO. Karrigan and his team mates have decided to create their own organization called Astralis. All the players are now co-owners of their organization. They also chose to be totally transparent regarding their earnings and expenses.

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Na`Vi wins Dreamhack Zowie

Guardian and his team can finally sleep in peace. They confirmed that 2016 is not a year they’ll miss as they won Dreamhack Zowie by beating LG (19-16 ; 19-16)
They managed to stop Luminosity Gaming in their best form. FalleN and his team showed us great Counter-Strike across the tournament. They are now a team to be afraid of, even more in the pistol rounds in which they are more dangerous than ever.

Some people talked about the poor performance of Taco during this event. Him being last in the scoreboard to many seems to have annoyed some fans, but FalleN himself made a statement explaining the role of Taco in this lineup. He also made clear that he brings more to the team than some kills.




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