Flashbang #13 – EchoFox, PGL and Drama


Echofox Signs A CS:GO Roster

Counter Strike’s NA scene has a new challenger. Last week, the American organisation Echofox (known for their League Of Legends team) has announced their creation of a CS:GO Roster.

The team will be led by Sean Gares who returns into esports only a few months after he left Cloud9. He will be joined by famous streamer Mohammad “Moe” Assad and 3 others NA players.”


Let’s see what this roster will be able to do in the NA scene, we think they’ll be top 5 NA with maybe a couple of 3-5th places in International tournaments.

Hellraisers Win PGL Minor

The PGL EU Minor tournament took place last week and ended with a win for Hellraisers against the Bulgarian of E-frag 2-1 (16-11; 6-16; 16-6)

Ange1 and his team have not only won a $30,000 check, they have also secured a very precious spot in the MLG Columbus CSGO Major LAN qualifier.

No doubt they will try their best to take part in the first CSGO Major of this year.


Confrontation With The Sports World

It all started with a tweet from X-games athlete Kristi Leskinen:

In this tweet, the skier denounces the fact that Esports competitions are held by the X-games organisations.

The gaming community is known for responding to that type of accusation and the tweet was overflown by responses.

Even pro players responded with EnVyUs’ entryfragger Kioshima tweeting this:


We all know that esports still has a long way to go before it is considered mainstream but tweets like this and brigades such as #couchsports shouldn’t be a thing. A little respect would be appreciated.




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