Flashbang #14 – EnVyUs, LDLC-White and G2


This week was busy for the French scene, with 2 tournament wins and an important transfer.

EnVyUs Wins The GE Cup Finals

It was the big tournament of the week. The Game Show Global Esports Cup was held in Vilnius for 4 days of competition. The Frenchmen were up against the Danes of Dignitas and managed to get a convincing win 3-0 (16-4; 16-7; 16-13).

This win comes as a relief for KennyS and his mates as they had a troubled time in the group stage losing to Dignitas 2-0. They managed to analyse their defeat to come back stronger in the finals, leaving no chance for dignitas.

This win also confirm that EnVyUs is starting to get accustomed to NBK’s calling. The support player started calling not long ago and the team had some trouble switching roles.

Next stop: ESL Expo Barcelona next week

Assembly Winter Won By LDLC White

After defeating their organisation brothers of LDLC Blue in the semi-final, LDLC White led by Alexandre “Bodyy” Pianaro secured the title against ENCE.

This is the first win in an international tournament for the Frenchmen who proudly show that the French scene is not limited to EnVyUs. The 2-0 win (16-10; 16-7) shows that they didn’t struggle to beat Allu and his teammates.

They take home a cool $8,000.

G2 Buy A New Line-up


This ends the speculation around ex-Titan’s new organisation. ScreaM and his mates announced that they are now playing for G2 (whose roster left for FaZe not long ago).

Funny coincidence as Scream was part of G2 before and was sold to Titan, he now goes back to his grey colors with his fellow Frechmen.

They also played their first event flying the G2 flag last week ending 5th-6th place in the GE Cup Finals.

This is a opportunity to Shox, Smithzz and the others to finally get past the Titan curse, and go forth in the Tier 1 scene.




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