Does CSGO And Esports Need A Governing Body?


With FIFA being in the news recently about it’s corruption scandal and I was wondering if CSGO and esports needed a governing body and what the advantages of having one would be. So let’s get in to it.

FIFA organises international tournaments, in esports and CSGO we’ve already got companies who do this, the governing body would just need to oversee the schedule of these events. But this already happens in CSGO between the big tournament organisers so not much policing would have to go in to this aspect as it manages itself.

A governing body could discuss and debate punishments and bans for incidents that don’t involve straight up hacking or cheating. A great example of this would be when the iBP team got permanently banned for throwing a match for skins but other teams who have been proven to do this didn’t receive a punishment what so ever. This job shouldn’t be left for Valve, they’re a games developer and shouldn’t be expected to make these kind of decisions. With a governing body they can debate what the punishment be, who will be punished and if they can do anything to lift the ban quicker. Therefore stopping issues where players get let off the hook because they didn’t receive their winnings from the throw when the team got found out.

This board can also discuss and collate changes to the game which should be made and not let the masses figure it out on Reddit. There should be a structured communication between a board of highly knowledgeable people and Valve to implement, test and debate changes to CSGO. This will stop game breaking updates, like the R8.

As well as this the board can also be responsible for choosing who hosts majors and when. As far as I know this comes down to Valve, and again, they’re a games developer and should be focusing on updating the game and making it more streamlined not figuring out what the esports scene should be doing.

There’s talks of player unions and team unions, these can all be managed and governed by this governing body so then people don’t get ostracised or screwed over.

Another thing that this governing body could do is award a player of the year. But obviously, this isn’t as important as the other points.

So, who should be on this board? The board should consist of people with a lot of knowledge of the game and of the scene in general. I couldn’t say who in general but whoever it is there should be a wide spread of people from all different backgrounds to make sure this governing body is completely fair and doesn’t slide down the slippery slope of corruption.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Let me know in the comments below.




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