Flashbang #20 – MLG Major Special


The MLG Counter-Strike Major just ended with a $1 Million prizepool. A few things have to be remembered from this event.

Luminosity Gaming on top of the world


FalleN commented: “A win would be a true achievement for us”. They were fired up for it, and they won the Grand finals after convincingly defeating Na`Vi 2-0.

The Brazilians had an almost perfect run, losing only one map to VP over the whole tournament. They managed to show the perfect combination of tactics and individual skill.

With a godlike Coldzera and an incredible tactician as FalleN, the Brazilians showed amazing Counter-Strike all the way through the bracket.

They go home with $500 000 and the title, proudly showing that they are a team to fear in the future.

The Major of Upsets

Of all the things that happened during this major, another one we can remember is the many upsets:

  • With their coach Threat replacing pyth, NiP still managed to go to the quarter finals defeating Flipsid3 and Mouz
  • Team Liquid got to the first place of their group after defeating Fnatic in overtime (22-19)
  • Gambit Gaming and CLG managed to beat EnVyUs, leaving them at the bottom of their group
  • Astralis blew up Fnatic in the quarterfinals with a 2-0 and even a small amount of banter

Maikelele leaves FaZe

Social media was flooded by hoaxes during April’s fools day. However this information was confirmed by HLTV and so, Bill Maikelele is leaving FaZe.

It is true that FaZe didn’t get the results they expected and that Maikelele was the weakest player in the game, but we don’t know yet if this is the reason of this departure.

The lineup will also have to find a substitute for him. No names have been released yet but some (unconfirmed) noise has been made around the possibility of discussions with KioShima. Let’s see what the post-major roster changes bring us.

Move of the Major

This move doesn’t need an introduction:




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