Flashbang #21 – Transfer, Injuries and DH Malmö


The post major week was full of information. Valve announced the next major at ESL One Cologne as well as many changes in the scene.

The post-Major transfers

Many teams have made changes after the Columbus Major last week. For starters Fnatic took in a 19 year old player PlesseN replacing Olofmeister during the recovering of his wrist injury.

Maikelele who was announced out of Faze is indeed switched to a backup position while Fabien “Kioshima” Fey was called in to fill his spot. This arrival was expected from the community and very much teased by the man himself.

Another French transfer happened in G2 where Ex6tenz was kicked out of the Line-up and replaced by the French player Bodyy. This came as a surprise as Ex6tenz was considered one of the best tacticians in the game, and the captain of this team. Let’s wish them good luck nonetheless in Malmö this week.

Injuries in the esports world

This comes as something quite new in the CS:GO scene. After the MLG Columbus Major, Fnatic Olofmeister and Na’Vi Guardian has announced that they have a wrist injury and that they will be temporarily absent.

The two best players at the moment are probably suffering because of their intense training for the major, and it is not the first time that this has happened esports; this problem is well known in the Starcraft community.

Guardian has confirmed that he played the Grand final with a sensitivity four times his normal sensitivity because of the pain his wrists caused him.

Let’s hope the players recover quickly and that this issue won’t spread much in the future.

Dreamhack Malmö is right around the corner

The first offline tournament after the Major, Dreamhack Malmö is starting tomorrow with the best teams fighting for $100,000.

This tournament is a chance for Luminosity to take the first place and dethrone fnatic as the best in the world.

This event will also be the first offline event for Pronax’s new line-up Godsent and will be the first LAN for G2 bodyy.

Play of the week

Who said scream couldn’t AWP?




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