Do Substitutes Have A Place In CSGO?


In CSGO we’ve started to see injuries in players, and we’ve always seen poorly scheduled tournaments. In traditional sports we’ve always seen substitutes.

I’m not saying that each team should have five substitutes to swap out if the first team played in the morning and they need to play late in the evening too, because that would be ludicrous to think that one team could qualify for a team and another lineup play the majority of the games at the tournament or a team play two tournaments at the same time with two different rosters. I’d suggest a maximum of two substitutes per team, so we always keep a core three.

We’ve seen in League of Legends the use of substitutes in some of the best lineups have used substitutes, if we look at SKT T1 they used Easyhoon and Faker as the two mid players. This allowed the team to play two completely different styles of play to then customise depending on who they were playing. This worked well and SKT T1 are renowned for being one of the best Korean teams in League of Legends. This shows the concept is legitimate.

Integrating substitutes in to CSGO could be done two ways, we could have substitutes integrated in timeouts or we could say you can only swap out a player between games. Both will bring in a different level to the game. Swapping players in timeouts could solve the issue of people having off games or off days where they simply can’t hit anything. It will bring a risk and reward in to swapping people half way through the game due to the substitute not having a warm up but he could bring something to the game that will swing the game completely in your favour.

I personally think it would be worth trying in CSGO, it would bring a completely different dynamic to the game. I wouldn’t go all in straight away because these things need testing, it might turn out that adding substitutes in to CSGO ruins the game competitively, but I’m swaying more to the positive side of the argument. It could be worth trying at smaller events such as the Play It Cool event late last year or maybe even at an Acer Predator Masters event.

I say let’s start to integrate substitutes and substitutions in to CSGO, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.





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