DreamHack Malmo Highlights


Last week saw DreamHack Malmo take to Twitch to showcase some top tier CSGO. We’ve curated the very best highlights from the whole event just in case you missed it.

Winning moment

Fifflaren breaks the studio desk

f0rest 4k

Xizt clutch vs GODsent

Lekr0 deagle clutch

GeT_RiGhT clutch

GeT_RiGhT 4k all headshots

f0rest plays to the crowd

Anders and Semmler Kisscam

NiP rush bathroom

NiP uses flash to cover bomb defuse noise vs Astralis

Crazy casting and 3v1 knife clutch

f0rest 3k for match point vs Virtus.pro

NiP teamwork vs Virtus.pro

Snax gets away with an AWP vs NiP

Mantrousse doing Mantrousse things

Thorin doing Mantrousse things

Pauf 3v1 vs mousesports

Pronax 2k vs Mousesports

NiKo 4k vs GODsent

NiKo 4k vs GODsent

Mousesports bomb denial vs GODsent

KennyS 4k vs dignitas

KennyS fast ace vs dignitas

Kyaerbye ninja defuse vs EnVyUs

DD jump shot vs Na`Vi

GuardiaN ace vs tyloo

flamie ace vs tyloo

Have we missed any highlights from Dreamhack Malmo? Include any we’ve missed and your favourite highlight in the comments below




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