Why ESL Banning YouPorn Could Be A Good Thing


With the recent news that Team YP, YouPorn’s esports team, has been banned from all ESL events it seems to point towards YouPorn shutting down their esports division and esports ultimately losing out on a potential big spender in the industry.

Which begs the question, why aren’t YouPorn running events?

Guess what you can’t get banned from? Your own event.

Make it gimmicky, make it fun, make it different and people will love it. Take a look at the PGL htc 1vs1 tournament just this last weekend, it had better numbers than the ECS, was incredibly fun, different and a little gimmicky and people loved it. Do the same thing, maybe a 2vs2 tournament, but add pornstars.

Create a LAN arena to rival the playboy mansion. See who can perform under pressure, see who’s a ladies man, see who’s the best 2vs2 team.

Obviously it’s ridiculous that ESL has banned YouPorn, especially since they’re okay with many betting sites and dodgy dealers to sponsor teams, but this could be something to kickstart the YouPorn esports events dream.




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