What Could iBP Do To Get Unbanned?


Everyone knows about the ex-iBP team getting permanently banned from all Valve events in CSGO due to the match fixing scandal Richard Lewis uncovered.

However, Dazed has recently brought up the idea of the iBP team doing something to get their bans lifted, so we’re going to explore what they could do to potentially get their bans lifted.

First of all, the obvious one is charity work. This could be actual charity work for charities such as Gamers For Giving or Extra Life. Going off how popular Dazed’s stream is he could potentially raise a high amount of money for these charities. Valve could give Dazed a goal of $100,000 to raise to open talks about potentially getting unbanned and then for him to get unbanned he would have to continue this work on a regular basis.

Another idea is voluntary work for Valve or companies such as ESL, FACEIT etc. to show that he is serious about this and actually wants to work to get back in to the competitive game. Or, any money made from playing competitively is donated to charities, a kind of mash up of the last two points.

I definitely don’t think the ex-iBP team should be allowed to bet at all, they should be banned completely from any betting site.

It was harsh that the iBP guys got a full lifetime ban, especially since the Virtus.pro team were also known to be match fixing for skins before iBP got caught. Something like this is the best way out for both the players and Valve. Valve gets a nice promotional video at the Majors, the players get unbanned if they raise enough money and work hard enough. A year and a half ban in esports is a long time, I would advise a year and a half of charity work to total a three year ban or a high value to raise such as $100,000.




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