Big List Of CSGO YouTubers


BC-GB Smokes, flashes, nades and strats everything you need to be a successful CSGO team or player.

HattonGames Creates in-depth strat explanations on all maps, using each player POV.

adreN This pro player creates videos mostly around strats, smokes and demo reviews with some great tips.

NetcodeGuides Channel created by Dazed and Casey Foster, has some demo reviews and tutorials.

N0thingTV Mostly stream highlights where he shows how someone can do something easier or better.

Steel With a lot of knowledge about the game steel posts a lot of tips and tricks talking about the basics and advanced mechanics of CS.

RoomOnFire Also known as Anders, his Theorycraft videos are great for learning new smokes and how to approach a new map.

Warowl Helpful videos for new players who need to still learn the basics of the game.

Voo Provides videos on many mechanics in the game and helpful tips overall.

NaToSaphiX Creates videos on aim and strats as well as smokes.

JamieW Does great smoke videos as well as some strat videos.

3kliksphilip Provides tutorials and explanations on maps, new CS:GO updates and more.

anarchayCSGO Mainly tips and tutorials with a couple of nice strat videos.

dANICASH Mainly strat videos and daily smoke videos.

Launders Current caster who creates videos of him playing KZ and difficult map jumps, how to improve your movement as well as in-depth tutorials on strafing and bunnyhopping.

Lo3 Videos for average skilled players trying to improve with helpful tips to help outside and inside the game.

NenJ Provides videos on how to play CT setups on all different types of maps, using demos from pro games. Really helps with your positioning on CT side.

WinoutPro In-depth videos featuring pros like Fallen and Pyth, showing you how to play better.

TeamGetfight Uploads POV’s of almost all pro players on every map.

Bananagaming Uploads videos on tips and tricks you can use, provides tutorials on equipment and interesting top 10 lists.

Trilluxe Provides in-depth videos on map exploits, smokes and flashes as well as cool boosts.

Yellow Some good tutorials on all aspects of the game.

DrakePHOSE Makes strat videos.




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