Is CS:GO Esports Betting Worth It?


Many gamers ask whether CS:GO betting is worth it? Well, it may just be, when you add up the numbers. Ever since the game was developed and released thanks to a joint development between Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, Counter Strike Global Offensive has continued to dominate a significant chunk of the gaming market.

CS:GO saw the franchise reaching almost 25 million players worldwide in 2016 with it reaching 300’000 gamers minute by minute. These stats account for the players only and not the viewers or online gamblers which certainly is large in its own right.

Bringing in a substantial amount of $250’000 at its first tournament indicates the games ability to generate revenue through viewership.

Now with Esports taking the online betting community by, it is become more and more apparent that betting on Esports is here to stay. The market has grown rapidly and shows no sign of stopping.

The multiplayer facet of the game makes it possible to bet on just about anything really and that’s exactly what happens. So here we are going to look at some types of bets.

Wins or losses

When a player places a bet on which time wins, either the entire match or even just on individual rounds, Players play a total of 30 rounds and odds can vary from 2x up to 13x.Bets can also be placed on the winner of a championship.

When betting on an entire match it’s basically betting on the first team to reach 2 wins on the maps, which opens another option of betting, predicting over how many maps the game will be won.


Types of bets depend entirely on the specific bookmaker office you choose to use. Each offering their own imaginative and specialized bets. Here are few examples;

Knife Round: This is a bet placed on which player gets the first knife kill of the round or who gets the most knife kills per round.

Map Betting: This is betting on which teams dominates the map.

First Blood: Speaks for itself, whoever gets the first kill of the round.

Top Fragger: This is based on the player that has the highest score at the end of a match or played map.

Check out for a list of a variety of bets you can place and keep up to date with the odds within the ESports industry.

On top of all these betting options the franchise has seen an increase in in-game skins betting. Over the past few years players have been partnering with third party sites and betting on skins.

This is betting on certain items or objects in the game such as colours of guns, attachments, gear such as helmets or even paint jobs, However weapons are not one of these items you are able to place bets on.

Currently these items do have an actual monetary value but only on the steam platform, call it marketplace. Players must remember that these sort of betting practices are accepted mostly outside of the United States and carry ethical and legal restrictions within its borders.

Valve is still allowing this to happen which is somewhat creating a currency specifically for this franchise by letting players use their discretion it has begun forming a separate entity in itself.

Please gamble responsibly. Do not bet what you can’t afford.




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