Two Easy Steps to Improve Your CS:GO Game


Improving your CS:GO skills is easier said than done. There are lots of variables which come into the equation and CS:GO pros are so much ahead of the rest of us that trying to become as good as them should be scraped right from the start.

What you should do however, is to look at the game from a different perspective, put a little less pressure on yourself to become a CS:GO god and try to improve slowly over time. This means that you shouldn’t quit on fun sites such as NoviCasino just because you want to win against your friends the next time you face them. Please gamble responsibly and do not bet what you can not afford to lose. Taking a more laid back approach might actually be more beneficial to you than obsessing over every move you make.

Invest in Quality Equipment

If you have the means, this step is very easy to achieve. A CS:GO player is only as good as the equipment he is using and you should be no different. There’s no point of playing with the equivalent of what Rocky was using when training for his match against Ivan Drago.

Try to be more like the Russian. Use top of the line equipment which is available on the market and you will see almost instant results. We hear you say that Rocky actually won against Ivan Drago, despite not having the Soviet Union behind him, but you should remember that you are not Rocky and that any help that you can get is welcome.

One such piece of equipment which might turn out to be crucial is a good sensitivity mouse. You should ideally find a mouse with sensitivity which works well for you, but as a starting point you can go with a mouse whose sensitivity is 800 DPI (dots per linear inch).

Another key equipment component is the mouse pad. Finding a mouse pad which is comfortable is easier said than done. Try to find one with a surface resistance that suits your needs. Here the rule of thumb is the more expensive the mouse pad , the higher the chances that you will like it.

Practice Your Movement

One key movement component in CS:GO the pros use and you have probably never heard of is the Stutter Step. This is also known as stop shoot and it requires you to cancel your momentum as you move in order to produce a more accurate shot. To do this players press the opposite direction key right before they shoot so that they halt their momentum. However, be careful not to press the key for too long as you will start moving in the opposite direction.

Another important movement related tip is running when peeking corners. One of the beginner mistakes that new players make when going around a corner to check what’s happening on the other side is walking.

You should never walk when peeking around a corner. To check a corner, you should always run at full speed so that the opponent doesn’t have the time to deliver that head shot. Do anything else and you are basically a sitting duck.




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