Twitch bans streamer indefinitely due to having too many subs and not streaming enough


Twitch has today banned a streamer who streams once a week to 1300 subscribers for having too many subscribers and not streaming enough.

Craig Williams, an iRacing player, questioned this with Twitch staff, however, these staff members carried out zero research in to his case and replied with a message that read: We do not pay out fraudulent revenue, that is why you have not been paid out. Do you not notice how you have well over a thousand subs but when you stream no one talks? Then when your stream is offline you have hundreds of subs?

A very unprofessional response which took 5 weeks to receive from Twitch and 6 unanswered tickets.

Williams urged his subscribers to request a refund from Twitch for their subscription amount.

After urging his subscribers to request refunds and thousands of messages of support on both Twitter and Reddit, Williams has had his account reinstated, however, no response from Twitch.

This comes only a week after popular YouTuber H3H3 brought out a video highlighting the issues he had with Twitch and explaining the reasons why he thought Twitch as a platform will not last.

Do you think Twitch will eventually be swallowed up by a competitor or is it too big to fail?




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