Can Apex Legends Be Saved? The Issue of Bugs and Glitches


Bugs and glitches are something that have ruined many games in the past. And even the latest battle royale title from EA is a victim of them. Apex Legends, the game that was released in February, had an amazing start. It attracted around 25 million players during its first week and 50 million players in its first month. Because of how quickly it was growing, many fans thought that it will soon surpass Fortnite.

The Downfall of Apex Legends

However, this didn’t happen as the number of players, as well as its viewership on Twitch, started decreasing. The reason behind this was that a lot of players started losing their interest in the game, mostly because of the plethora of bugs and glitches in Apex Legends. Most of them claimed that their experience is getting ruined by these bugs, and they don’t want to continue playing with them.

Respawn Is Unable to Overcome This Issue

Although Respawn Entertainment has been trying its best to fix as many bugs as possible, new ones keep appearing on the surface. In the past few months, Apex Legends players have been discovering new bugs every other week. For instance, there was a game-breaking bug which allowed players to use Wraith’s Into the Void as many times as they wanted to without waiting for it to cool down. There was another bug through which players could jump when they were in a downed state.

One thing to keep in mind here is that these are two of the many bugs present in the game. Many players thought that this issue will get fixed when season 2 arrives, but that didn’t happen. In fact, there is a bug which was discovered in the mid of season 1 and is still here even after the release of the second season.

When it was first discovered, players were able to shoot after they got knocked out thanks to it. On July 3, a day after season 2’s launch, a Reddit user came across this bug again. He was able to inflict damage on his opponent when he was downed, something which put him at a great advantage. This has been considered as a game-breaking bug by many players as it ruins the concept of fair play.

Can Respawn Save Their Game?

Respawn Entertainment is yet to provide an update regarding how they are planning to overcome this issue. If they don’t, they will start losing more players soon. Season 2 helped a lot with giving a boost to the game’s total number of players. During EA’s recent earnings call, their CEO claimed that Apex Legends is growing thanks to season 2. They are even seeing an increase in its daily and weekly players. If Respawn wants to keep their game growing, they must do something about these bugs soon. Either they should introduce a permanent fix for them or hire more people who can eliminate these bugs as soon as they come to the surface.




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