Teamfight Tactics Cheat Sheets – Champions, Origins, Classes & Items


Take the fight to the top in Teamfight Tactics with these cheat sheets for champions, origins, classes and items.

Champions in Teamfight Tactics are the normal champions you’re used to in League of Legends. The Teamfight Tactics class list of buffs is gained from combining multiple champions of the same origin.

Throughout Teamfight Tactics items will be dropped randomly when you fight against other player’s teams and when you fight creeps. The main way of getting items is during the carousel rounds, which is a unique feature of the game where every player jumps in a portal and are thrown into a room together where each player can choose a hero with an item. You can only get items off of heroes by selling them and you can’t move them.

Teamfight Tactics Champions Cheat Sheet

Teamfight Tactics Classes Cheat Sheet

Teamfight Tactics Origins Cheat Sheet

Teamfight Tactics Items Cheat Sheet

Teamfight Tactics Droprates Cheat Sheet




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