Minecraft Build: Jeep Jeep – Safari Car


It was a warm Saturday morning and I, Kyle, Mr Jones and Carl decided to get a mix. We tried to get enough people to play a Counter Strike Global Offensive 5on5 match, asking player after player but to no avail. At last, Mr Jones had a great idea, we set out to build something on Minecraft, with no ideas where to start or what to build, and we had a quick discussion on what would be appropriate to build on this fine Saturday Morning. Mr Jones came up with the perfect idea of a car.

After much discussion, it was agreed we would build a Range Rover. None of us had any idea where to start so we took to Google to try and get a vision of what we wanted to recreate. After many images flowing through the Mumble Server it was decided that a Range Rover would not be the best car to build. We turned our thoughts to a Land Rover and found an image appropriate to recreate.

We started with the wheels, no idea how to create a circle out of blocks to replicate a wheel; we tried everything and eventually just had to make do with a blocky substitute that represents a wheel. Mr Jones decided to start creating the axles for the wheels as I began the outer shell of the vehicle, this was when a vision, started becoming reality.

We built for hours, perfecting the design of the Land Rover, however it was still looking too blocky. Carl then gave some input into the process (He had previously just sat around watching us slave on), the Land Rover we had hoped to have built was starting to look more like a Jeep, which was used for a safari. This was perfect, it enabled us to put our creative minds together and come up with the perfect vehicle.

As the hours went on, we slaved away. Me working on the interior creating the dashboard, seats, a hand break, the clutch and accelerator. Carl & Mr Jones worked on the back end of the jeep, creating a roll cage, a tailgate, break lights and even indicators. We then came to a slight problem; the car wasn’t looking realistic enough for a safari environment. I began work on firearms, with an AK47 on the back of the car and a much loved Desert Eagle from the Counter Strike series in the glove box. Now, alas we are almost ready for the full safari experience.

With a few final features adding an exhaust pipe underneath the car, front & rear lights and a windscreen we were now ready. Setting off into the sunset on our newly built vehicle.




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