Take a First Look at: Loadout


In this blog post I will show you the really cool game, that is, Loadout. An action, indie, early access game available on Steam.

Loadout is an amazingly fun game. There are tons of customizable weapons; literally millions of combinations. You constantly earn more and more parts for your weapons the more you level up.

There are four game modes right now. I’ve only played around in two of them. One of them is a homage of “Kill Confirmed” from the Call of Duty series. You kill someone and then you pick up an item called “Blutonium.” Then, there’s a game-mode where there’s carriers and they pick up Blutonium and take it to a processing area. You get points and your team gains points towards a target number to win.

No matter what game-mode you’re in, funnily enough, it’s always a good idea to kill the enemies. Even if that isn’t the main objective, do it. You can expose their bone if you shoot them right, you can chop off their arm, burn them to the bone and tons of other hilarious death scenarios.

The physics and the graphics of the game are fantastic. It’s one of the best looking early-access indies that I’ve ever seen. Just visually stunning.

You might be thinking: “It’s only an early access game. How much is it?” Well, it’s only a measly 10 US dollars! I think that just about anyone who plays it will think that it’s well worth the $10. Now, go kill some dudes in some awesome ways!




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