Awesome Minecraft Candy Land World

Candy Land from overhead. Originally it was a large desert biome.
Candy Land (13)
The entrance to candy land is, of course, a candy cane bridge
Candy Land (1)
The Candy Corn Mountain Range, which separates Candy Land from the adjacent biome
Candy Land (2)
The candy citizens live in cupcake huts (with doFireTick set to false so the candles don’t burn away)
Candy Land (3)
Considered hollowing out the ice cream for an additional building… any ideas?
Candy Land (4)
Citizens in the ice cream district live in upside-down ice cream cones
Candy Land (5)
Most citizens find employment in the CMPC
Candy Land (6)
Candy Land (7)Candy Land (8)Candy Land (9)
Security occasionally has to deal with some riff-raff…
Candy Land (10)
Cookie Park
Candy Land (11)Candy Land (12)
Cola Mountain

This was created by reddit user billybob884




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