Minecraft Build: de_inferno – Counter Strike map


We’re back once again, Kyle (me), Mr Jones and Carl. It turned out Tuesday was going to to be one of those nights, none of the boys turned up to play team games for CS:GO so just the three of us pondering, what should we do? Our thoughts turned to Minecraft once again. Spurred on by the recent creation of the Safari Jeep; our minds set on a new creation, a new adventure but no idea what this adventure should be.

Being the creative individuals that we are, we spent ages discussing what we wanted to build some of which were; a formula 1 car, a cruise ship or an iconic statue such as the Statue of Liberty. But, after many arguments it hit us! Why not bring our love for all things Counter-Strike to our newly found interest, Minecraft.

My first thought was why not build something that relates to all three version of Counter-Strike that we have played; Counter-Strike 1.6, Source & Global offensive. This sparked a heated debate over what we should build; a map or a 3D Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist Model? It was decided we would create a map, one that has been changed many times throughout all three games. This map was none other, than de_inferno. While Mr Jones was fondling his newly found ‘girlfriend’, and Carl was playing a Match Making game on CS:GO for what seemed like forever. I began work on this masterpiece once again, slaving away for around three hours ensuring fellow members of my team had a baseline, if for some reason my they decided to play while I was at work.

I started with the Terrorist Apartments area, just outside the Terrorist Spawn. Creating the platform and steps to walk up to gain access to the apartments along with the interior design; the kitchen and the living area. I then began working on the bridge which connects both parts of Terrorist Apps creating a sandstone floor and iron bar fencing. It was getting late now but I was finally joined by Carl. We put some finishing touches into the apartment’s area, adding a fireplace, the kitchen and wooden floors to make it a little more homely.

We then started working on the middle section. Wondering how we could recreate the slope up mid, we made a start using stone slabs not forgetting to include the much loved spot of every Counter-Strike player, Vietnam. Alas the night had come to an end it was time to go sleep.

Sunday is now here… Mr Jones finally decided to join us and takes to the server to begin building the CT apartments area and ‘A’ bombsite (B if you’re a CS:Source Player). Creating the apartments the exact same way I had earlier created T apartments, creating the interior additions which make the map what it is.

Days passed by as we came home from work and slaved away on Minecraft to complete this vision we had. Not to mention, we haven’t had any help from Mr Jones with him back on his honeymoon period spending every waking minute with Lauren.

Now, building a well known map from just 2 people’s memories ensuring we didn’t miss anything and that the proportion of the map was perfect. It was Thursday, nearing the end of the project with just all the last minute additions like roofs, the truck at A and B, and car on banana. These last minute touches making the map take shape.

At last, a sigh of relief from two of us. No doubt Mr Jones will want to take some credit for this, but you know what? Nope. Mr Jones did nothing at all for this Minecraft build. What was once just our vision is now a reality. We began playing a game of Counter-Strike on Minecraft, using Bow and Arrows.

Hours Spent: 32

What should we build next? Tell us in the comments below and get a special shoutout if we pick your idea!




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