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Okay. So if you’re like me and you like FPS games where you can have fun with people that are decent at the game, have it look good, and have fun no matter what. There are fun games that are like that. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 3, and tons of others. I’m not talking about any of those games. I’m talking about a free game. You don’t pay a thing for anything about it, if you don’t want to. You might be wondering, “What game can this possibly be?!”  Well, I’m talking about Soldier Front 2.

In Soldier Front 2, you level up, but you don’t earn weapons for it like in Battlefield 3 or any of the Call of Duty games. You use in-game money to buy weapons, armour, and tons of other in-game collectables. Eventually, though, you have to repair your weapons. It really isn’t that costly in the grand scheme of things.

You’ve got three major game modes. Classic PVP, Party Mode and Hero Mode.

Classic PVP has all of the game modes that you’d expect out of an FPS. You’ve got Team Deathmatch and regular Deathmatch. Deathmatch is just like Free-For-All from the Call of Duty games. This is a great game mode to practice your aim, get used to the mechanics of the game. Then you have, still in the Classic PVP tier, Sabotage, Seizure, and Escape. Sabotage is like Search and Destroy from the Call of Duty games. You have two and a half minutes to either defend or destroy a target in as many rounds as the host sets. Seizure is like Hardpoint from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. You have two and a half minutes to either capture or defend the target. Extraction is just what the name implies. You have to fight enemies in order to get to the extraction point and win the game.

Party Mode seems like a lot of fun. You have two and a half minutes to destroy the glass underneath the enemies feet in order to win. Kind of seems out of place in a game like this, but a bloodbath none the less. And who doesn’t love a good bloodbath?

Hero Mode is where this game really starts to seem out of place. I really haven’t played Hero mode all that much, but it definitely seems like it could be very interesting. In this mode, you have two teams of up to five players trying to destroy a target in the enemy teams base with the aide of an alien species called ‘the Xanthid’.

Overall, this game looks fantastic and plays really well. It takes a few tries to get to know the maps and the routes that people really like to take. I’ve only really run into a few modders and hackers, but other than that, the game is, by my personal definition, perfect.




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